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Wellness Wherever, Whenever.

Lux Wellness restorative mineral-infusions mobilized for your convenience.

Lux Wellness

Kansas City’s Premier Mobile IV Therapy

Lux Wellness is passionate about providing top care in a way dedicated to minimizing life’s interruptions.

As an IV hydration, health and wellness service, we are committed to helping people achieve their goals by boosting their nutritional health. Our purpose is to see our clients not only healthier but happier by improving their wellbeing.

A local, Kansas City based company, Lux Wellness caters to athletes, corporate professionals, fitness fanatics and anyone intentional about increasing their recovery time, nutritional and overall health.


Setting the Standard in IV Therapy

LUX is physician and nurse led with years of clinical experience. We put your health first and use the most up-to-date, science-driven and clinically-proven techniques to set the standard in nutritional excellence.

Nutritional deficiency happens when the body can’t absorb enough micronutrients required for optimal health. This deficiency can also occur when there are insufficient nutrients in the foods we eat. Western diet choices and habits have affected our food industry for so long that proper dieting alone is often not enough to heal nutritional deficiencies and chronic illnesses.

Lux Wellness offers nutrient solutions with restorative vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to support healing and hydration on a cellular level. We also offer treatments for low energy, migraines, weight management, hangovers and more. Our nutritional blends efficiently improve quality of life and provide relief and improvement for ongoing health conditions.

We use intravenous (IV) hydration treatments because they administer necessary micronutrients while avoiding issues associated with oral administration, like upset stomach, nutrient potency loss, and lack of absorption. Our nutritional blends bypass the gastrointestinal system through our IV method, boosting nutritional health effectively and more quickly.

Mobile For Your Convenience

At Lux Wellness, we cater to your needs and help plan accordingly. We are committed to providing the best wellness care in a way dedicated to minimizing life’s interruptions.

Our services are mobile for your convenience. Experience better wellness through IV therapy in the comfort of your own home, office, or even hotel room.

Contact us today for scheduling and pricing!